iClinics gives you all: science, education, trade of experience, communication and community.
To view the continously growing content of this peer-reviewed scientific online journal, just start to browse whatever is of interest for you or what you need to know. iClinics is a free open-access publication, which does not require the hazzles of login procedures except for a few sensitive topics. Due to its web-based structure, the frontiers between written manuscripts, "slide" presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote format, spreadsheeths, pictures, audio and video are becoming nonexistent. Read a new little trick-of-the-trade, educate yourself on basic office procedures or view complex surgical procedures along with the related critical comments of the international scientific community - its all there. The quality of the content is guaranteed by the peer-review requirement for each single contribution, which is filtered through the judgement of reknowed experts in urology and related specialities.

Markus Hohenfellner, M.D.

Richard Santucci, M.D.

Moreover, we cordially invity you to participate actively in iClinics as well. Rate and comment iClinics content, upload your content to iClinics, contribute to the discussion groups or the interactive blog platform. Precondition for such active participation is that you register in iClinics with the authentication of your identity by your affiliation with a recognized clinical and/or scientific institution or membership of a major national or international scientific society.

In summary, iClinics is committed to continue the tradition of classical paper journals in facilitating the discovery of the unknown and the search for the truth. Additionally it stands for education and quick and efficient communication. iClinics intends to succeed as a worldwide platform for the medical community to share its experience for the best of our patients - salus aegroti suprema lex.

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